Boycott goods, don’t resort to violence’

Boycott goods, don’t resort to violence’

Muslims around the world should boycott the goods and services of the countries which published the caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad in their newspapers, instead of resorting to violent demonstrations.

International Islamic University’s Communication Department lecturer Professor Dr Fazal Rahim Khan said the boycotting of products would put a huge dent in the economy of those countries.

This would make their Governments realise the seriousness of the matter, he added.

“We should pinch hardest where it hurts the most… the economy. There are 1.3 billion Muslims in the world today, let us do something.

“One thing we can do is boycott their goods and services, and this includes their media products,” he said at a forum entitled “Cartooning the Holy Prophet S.A.W.: Press Freedom or Press Crusade?” at the university today.

The two-hour forum saw two lecturers from IIU presenting their views on the highly controversial issue of the caricatures depicting the prophet, first published by the Jyllands-Posten daily in Denmark in September last year and then reprinted in newspapers in the other countries.

This sparked anger among Muslims worldwide.

Fazal said indiscriminate violence by Muslims was not the answer to the crisis as it tended to fizzle out in time.

Instead, he advocated a long-term, well-planned strategy that would serve to make people around the world understand Islam.

Fazal said the countries responsible for the controversy were mistakenly citing freedom of expression as the reason behind the publishing of the cartoons.

“The real issue here is the irresponsible behaviour of the Press. But the way it is being framed right now by the media, the focus is on the freedom of expression and freedom of the Press,” he said.

Fazal called for a more balanced account of the controversy instead of the emphasis on one aspect, which in this case, was the freedom of expression.


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  1. AbGJaS said

    Salam perkenalan. Saya berbesar hati jika dpt bertukar2 fikiran dgn saudara.

    Kadangkala tindakan balas yg terburu2 merupakan umpan utk memerangkap kita yg lemah. Apabila sang kancil mengalahkan harimau, ia tidak menggunakan kekuatan, tp menggunakan kebijaksanaan.

    Boykot barangan Denmark dan negara2 yg bersekongkol dgn nya!!

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