Email dari Emma Ward ke dalam inbox penulis pada Selasa 18/7/2006

I am contacting you because I am raising awareness of a website designed for authors, such as yourself. I would like to offer you the opportunity to list your books on our site, for free.

This is a marketing opportunity for not only authors, but publishers. will not only increase awareness of your talent, but allows you to direct readers to your own website, or your publishers to buy the book. Therefore we are simply acting as a portal connecting author and reader.

We do not handle your books, but offer you a new marketing medium at a time when the Internet is becoming a website for authorscrucial element in book marketing.


For more information e-mail bookhitch at

Thank You for your time.

Maklumat Tentang is the first website of its kind, allowing every author to list a book online, for free. is run by a multicultural staff headquartered in NY. The website has grown tremendously since its launch in May, 2006. We have added a “your views page”, a monthly newsletter and have many other website features coming soon!


What can do for authors?

Increase awareness of their books
Help increase book sales
Provide unlimited free marketing for their books
Connect readers directly to your (or your publishers) website

What can do for readers?

Help them discover unique books and authors
Connect you with authors and publishers
Help them reward the people who count.

The website was developed to meet the needs of authors and publishers, helping them to increase awareness of their books. We offer visitors the opportunity to find books that could only normally be found by visiting numerous websites and bookstores.


Books are for all to enjoy. We are the connection between the book and the reader, no matter where the book is located.

We exist to meet the needs of authors and readers by bringing them closer together through our book portal. Our purpose is to give any author or publisher the opportunity to sell their book(s) and any visitor the chance to find them.


We will offer all books to the world. Working to list every book ever published and direction as to where these books can be purchased.

press room

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