Temubual Islam Online pertama.

Koresponden Islam Online & Perhubungan Media UIAM (kanan) Tuan Halim Taib menemuramah tentang isu Lina Joy
Tuan Yusri Mohamad, Presiden ABIM

Statement by ABIM President, Yusri Mohamad during the interview at Cafe Gallery 12 September 2006

Correspondent Islam Online: Mr Abdul Halim Taib.
Representative/Photographer : Zamri Mohamad

1. Comment on the delay in releasing the judgement result by the court.

“What is important that the court comes out with the best judgement that is possible. I would tend to agree, In the case such as this, we do not want a rush judgement.”

2. It seems that they encroach other people territory. What is your comment?

“They say it is interfering other people individual choice. I tend to differ. This is their description . The way I see it, this is no longer an individual matter once it is bring to the court and the issue like this to the public. The way they see the private and public domain is different than the way they see it. It is a typical ultra liberal thinking.

They glorify the individual. Individual for them is everything. They forget about community. When an individual does something in public with the knowledge of others, it is already encroaching upon the community. We want to do justice to this whole debate. In this world, Islam already prescribed limit and value to guide your outward action within the public domain.”

3. Issue of false sms.

“It can be at any reason. It maybe some scruplus people who tainted bad like to the Muslim as them are very irrational and very violance and emotional. There is motive. There maybe some who over zealous in getting the petition to signed by people as quickly as possible.

For us it is wrong to spread this whole thing. It does not add credit to our cause. Whatever we do in the service of the religion, strictly according to the tenet and the principle of religion. We cannot create our own rule to the game. Especially in giving service to Islam.


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